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our mission

Create motivational and inspiring film and written content that encourages men to take action and ultimately leads them to a relationship with Jesus Christ.

our methods

  • Develop written content that inspires change by providing the blueprints for living a life of significance

  • Produce powerful short films that illustrate these principles in a manner that cause men to think

  • Create accountable community through small gatherings where lives are changed as a result of our content

  • Present this message of hope and motivation to live audiences in a tangible and inspirational manner

  • Deliver consistent encouragement to people using live or interactive online mediums

our values

  • The Gospel - Sharing God's redemptive story in history and the biblical account of Jesus life, death and  resurrection

  • scripture - Operating under the authority of God's inspired, infallible, and errant scripture, and reliant on Holy Spirit empowerment

  • audacious obedience - Realizing that our level of success will be a result of our obedience to the leading of the Holy Spirit

  • divine purpose - Living with the believe that God has set apart specific works for each man, and places tremendous value in every man

  • instilled passion - Investing in the discovery and development of the unique passions God has placed in each of us

  • significant life - Understanding that true significance in life comes from making a difference in the world around us

  • community - Acting as a connectors and bringing men together in relationship because we were not designed to live in isolation

  • Accountability - Promoting environments where men can share and encourage one another to continue on the journey

  • stewardship - Recognizing the highest standards of biblical stewardship with all resources placed in our trust

  • health - Encouraging all team members in their physical, emotional and spiritual health so we can impact others in a healthy manner

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