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Get it Back

Few things can match the early morning moments as you drop the boat into the water. As a sliver of light creeps over the horizon, you feel your heartbeat change as you sense the hour approaching. One last check of the clock reveals that the moment has arrived. The time has come. You fire up the engine and take off towards the sunrise. Skipping across the top of the water the whole world changes. This is the moment you know you are in your element. No matter what your moment is, everyone has one. Everyone has that one moment you dream about, plan for, train for, wait for.

Passion is a critical ingredient in your ability to see the payoff in your life. If you lived your whole life without tapping into the secret sauce of passion... would it even be worth all the effort? It would be pretty miserable.

Every person has passion. But passion is more than simply an activity or hobby that you love. It’s more than just a feeling. Passion is much deeper. Passion is what we express when we take part in those activities or hobbies we love.  Passion is a seed that God planted deep inside of you. But it is a seed that must be cultivated. God gave you your passion for a reason. It’s part of who you were created to be, and it must be cultivated. You were made to be passionate.

Sometimes, however, in the chaos of life our passions can get fuzzy. We can lost sight of the desires and dreams we once had. 

Maybe you're reading this and something in you is responding and saying... "yeah, I kind of understand that feeling." I have good news for you!  You haven't lost your passion! What God put inside of you; the skills and talents He gave you are still there. They may have been stashed away for a season, but we can help you dig them out and dust them off. 

Click below to listen to this week’s episode of the Men Who Matter Podcast. Brandon asks me about the first time I ever went fishing and how it ignited a passion in me that has fueled my journey. 

Here is my challenge to you this week: 

Next time you're riding down the road and you have a few minutes, turn down the radio, and see if you can answer the two questions below. 

1. When is your moment? What are you doing when your heart comes alive? 

2. What situations or injustices do you see in the world that break your heart? 

The answers to these questions may shed light on your true passions in the event you have lost sight of them recent. If you are really struggling to put words to your answers, maybe it's something you can discuss with a trusted friend.  

If we are going to leave our mark on the world and make an impact we have to be able to identify our passions and find ways to tap into them EVERY DAY!

Remember, there's more to life than what we can see... Go after it!


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