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Knockout Punch

We all have a common enemy. We are all in a battle. Some of us ignore the shots and the smoke and hope that it will be over soon. Other’s are fighting with everything they have in them but still struggle to see the victory. There may even be a man among you who is resting in between battles. But the fact remains, we are all in a battle.

We all battle the enemy of shame. Not one of us is perfect. We all have days and words we wish we could take back. We may even have made decisions that feel have left us in a hole with no hope. That is shame’s greatest tactic. The isolation chamber. Shame survives in darkness.

However, shame is not invincible. It has a glaring weakness. Just as a single match can defeat darkness, you have a tool that can send shame running.The sure-fire punch that knocks shame out cold is vulnerability.


For such a seemingly innocent word it sure is terrifying. But I promise you, it’s shadow is much larger than its shape. Vulnerability is the simple act of sharing your struggle with someone you trust. It’s letting someone else in on your story. Simply telling another person what you’re facing destroys shame. You cannot win your battle alone. As men, we feel programmed to be self sufficient strong enough to stand on our own.

If you are going to be a man who matters and live a life that is significant; if you are going to ever find the accomplishment and satisfaction you are really chasing, then you must be willing to let someone else in on your fight.

Right now, wherever you are, pick up your phone and text someone. Call a trusted friend. Your message is simple. Tell them you just need to talk. Make contact. Share your struggle. Deliver a knockout punch to shame.

I know what you’re thinking. They will probably freak out and never want to talk to me again. Steven shared in this weeks episode of the “Men Who Matter” podcast how he battled the same doubt and fear before he reached out to Marcus, but that fear quickly faded as he was met with grace.

Almost every time a man finds the courage to take this step what follows is powerful. Shame goes down without a counter punch and a new freedom is realized. The truth is, whatever battle you are fighting, despite what the liar is telling you in your mind, you’re not the only one battling this enemy. Whatever it is, I can assure you, you are not alone.

Make the call. Send the text. Clench your fists.

You’re about to deliver a knockout punch!

Check out this week’s episode of the podcast as Steven and Marcus discuss the moment that Steven reached out and delivered the knockout punch to shame. 


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