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I slowed the truck as the dirt road in front of me split. To the right was an archway of trees forming a canopy over the dark red mud. To the left the road sank down around a bend and into a low draw through the oaks that lined the creek. I looked down at my phone to see which way the blue line would take me.

You know the blue line. The one on the GPS screen that we have become accustomed to following blindly. Wherever the blue line goes we will follow. 

This time, however, when I looked down at the screen the blue line simply stopped and the phone showed “REROUTING…” In other words, I had reached a point on the road which was not on the prescribed route and now the GPS was having to figure out how to get me back on track. 

If there’s one thing we’ve learned as hunters in the last five years it’s that technology has afforded us new advantages as we pursue our passion. Almost every hunter in the field carries a phone in their pocket that is constantly corresponding with satellites hundreds of miles above our heads tracking our location. GPS has changed the game for outdoor pursuit. The ability to plot a course, give directions to a friend, or find your way across vast unknown terrain has made the outdoors more accessible and more rewarding for so many. 

I have become dependent on the GPS to get me out of a jam many times.When you get engrossed in your pursuit it can be easy to lose your way. Sometimes you may even look up and realize you have no idea where you are or how to get back to safety. 

I have put my GPS through the ringer and it has had to reroute me many times, but I’ve never beaten it. I’ve never been so lost that it couldn’t provide me with a path. The further you go from the path the more time it may take for it to reroute and find the path, but nevertheless, it always gives me an option. 

You and I have another kind of GPS to aide in our journey. You have a heavenly Father who loves you and has given you a purpose. God’s plan for your life may include many roads, curves, and forks, but if you lean into Him along the way He is faithful to always provide a way. 

When we are living our life at full speed we can sometimes look up and realize we’ve veered off course. We may find ourselves in a season where we seem lost. In those seasons it may seem as though God is “rerouting” us. It may feel like we’re waiting forever as we seek Him for our next direction. Much like my GPS, however, God has always been faithful to provide a way back to the path He planned out for us.

Do you trust your heavenly Father the way you trust your GPS?

His promises never fail and His ways are always true.

Keep pursuing your purpose and if you get stuck wait for the “reroute”… He will never fail you.

I guarantee it. 


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